SERVING the cities of SAN RAMON, ALAMO, DANVILLE, AND BLACKHAWK in california and south carolina FOR OVER 15 YEARS


  • Our background is unique. Our lead planner has a legal education from a top law school; we have background in investment management, investment banking, and are Certified Financial Planners (CFP). We have the ability to evaluate and give detailed analysis of all aspects of your financial plan, from your investments to your estate planning. Our background gives us the ability to see opportunities that other financial planning firms miss as well as the confidence to navigate obstacles.
  • We are a boutique financial planning firm that provides personalized financial planning services. We intentionally limit our clientele to less than 100 families to provide a high level of service; that deep relationship helps us really understand who our clients are and the best way to achieve their goals. We get to know our clients deeply, we fall in love with them and their children, and we are committed to their success. We often hold meetings in our office with all of the professionals involved in your finances sitting around one table to strategize on your financial plan together. We also go with you when you meet with your tax person or estate planner.
  • We clear through an independent firm that has no proprietary products to sell, unlike some of the large local insurance companies that offer financial planning services. Investment advisory accounts are held at National Financial Services, a division of Fidelity Investments.


Financial planning/wealth management services are available to business owners, executives, law firms, athletes, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals.

We provide:

  • Investment management/wealth management services – we can manage the funds ourselves and/or we use some of the top investment managers in the country.

  • Retirement/financial plans – we are with you step-by-step to implement the plan.

  • Business succession/exit planning – we strategize with your team to help you maximize the net after-tax proceeds you receive after selling your business. After all, it’s not what you sell your business for that matters – it’s what you get to keep after taxes.

  • 401(k)s, IRAs, retirement plans, and defined benefit pension plans – we set up the accounts to help with tax reduction strategies.

  • Finance organization – we are at clients’ homes copying, scanning, filing, and shredding so that every financial document is in its proper place.

  • Risk management/insurance analysis – we work with you to ensure that your loved ones are protected.